Music Video for “Born Again Tomorrow” Out Now!

Watch the music video for “Born Again Tomorrow”! All music videos available in the Videos section of the site. 

4 thoughts on “Music Video for “Born Again Tomorrow” Out Now!

  1. Dear Bon Jovi,

    I´ve been listening to you since 1993. I´ve just seen your video for Rollercoaster. In my opinion, this song was the only one from the whole new album that was likely to become a really massive hit! It´s a great pity that after watching the video one feels that watching it ever again would be a waste of time…

    I honestly suggest that you ask art college students to make your videos – as a competition in which the best video becomes the official one. Just try it, you´ll see how many great videos you´ll get!

    Best regards and thank you for the new album,

    Czech republic

  2. Love, love, love the new album! Been a fan since 1986. Hopefully will see you in Chicago .
    Stage 4 cancer and wheelchair bound.
    Cant understand the cost of meet and greets $10,000? Come on!!!

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