Happy Birthday, JBJ!

Happy Birthday to Jon Bon Jovi!

You can send him your birthday wishes by commenting below.

141 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, JBJ!

  1. Happy Birthday Jon! I wish you that may God continue blessing you with the desires of your heart, giving you health, knowledge, and love! I admire you and I pray for you and your family always be together loving each other.
    Enjoy your day!


    Hoy todos nosotros sus fans nos sentimos afortunados de tener y de poder celebrarle y compartir de este su gran día especial de nuestro querido y amado Señor Jon Bon Jovi, ya que a través de su grandes logros, música, buenos actos, sus palabras, su forma de ser, su forma de ver la vida, de esa positividad que llena, de esa gran energía, de esa gran ganas de apoyar al más necesitado y de esa luz que irradia de lo cual es imposible no contagiarse ya que con eso hemos aprendido mucho de él, por ello es que hoy agradecemos infinitamente con el alma por la gran fortuna de tenerlo y haberlo conocido.

    Por eso por todo y más también le deseamos hoy un gran y feliz día.

  3. Happy Birthday Captain Kidd… you don’t remember me, but I will never forget you! Beacon, NY…. Have a great day… hope to catch up sometime… ~ Jeniffer aka Cloudsaremine

  4. Happy birthday to you from me and my bird sam she loves to listen to your music.
    I know that you are busy but if you would consider coming to columbia sc, on october 26, 2019 for the walk for alzhimers walk my mom passed away from it almost a year ago. My Budgie has a birthday in april and the theme is bon jonvi after you .I love your songs and love walls. I also love the song want to make a memory and we were not born to follow. thank you for all you music and how it inspires other people than me. this disease is bad and cared for my mom for threes months, it takes away everything that made her my mom. I hope that your Birthday is a great one and look forward from hearing back from you . Sincerly, Amy and Sam the Budgie

  5. Happy birthday Jon!!! Thank you so much for inspiring me to become a better person. Be always well and with those you love and love you too.

  6. Happy Birthday to you Jon! Wish you the best year ever. ❣❣❣❣

    Waiting you for the party on July 21 in Romania

  7. Happy birthday and good health to my hero JBJ.
    With best greetings from Munich, Germany.
    Can‘t wait to watch Bon Jovi on the 5th of July at the Olympic Stadium.
    I belive in you and keep the faith in your dreams John. Dream on man.

  8. Dear John,
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Good health and mood, family well-being and soul comfort.
    We sincerely wish inexhaustible energy and faith in success. Let all your plans come true.
    Thank you for being there.
    From Russia with love.
    Andrey & Tasha

  9. Happy Birthday Jon! Best wishes to the greatest rocker and wonderful man. Have a nice day!!!! Hope to see you again in Ottawa, Canada xo

  10. John hello from Israel and Happy Birthday! The best wishes. Wait for you with a concert. From: evgeniy and my daughter mishel.

  11. Happy birthday Jon! Have a great day with your loved ones!
    I’m looking forward to your shows in Austria!
    Wish you all the best!

  12. Dear Jon, súper happy birthday my darling. Enjoy every moment. Thanks you for always giving is the best of you. I love you forever.

  13. Happy birthday Jon! I always hope your happiness. A year full of love. Your songs make my everyday so special. Hope to see you soon again in Tokyo. With Love.

  14. Feliz cumpleaños y el mejor regalo que puedo darte es darte las gracias por tu musica. La letra de tus canciones me ayudo mucho en mis dias de enfermedad. Me ayudaste a revivir gracias a ti y tu grupo. Mil gracias y felicidades.

  15. Jon happy birthday, you deserve all the happiness in the world, you are a spectacular, incredible and charitable man, may God bless you with joy, peace, love, health and wisdom.I have a huge admiration for you.Jon I love you from the bottom of the heart and soul forever.Kisses from Brazil.

  16. ¡Feliz cumpleaños Jon Bon Jovi #57! ¡Qué tus músicas sean eternas! Desde los mejores deseos para mi ti! ❣️❤️

  17. Happy birthday to the best singer! I wish you the best things in the world, peace, health, love, family and friends! Have a nice day! Brasil loves you!!!

  18. Happy birthday, i´m so happy that you are here. Our world needs you. Your heart and your soul are so close to mine. Never mind how far are they.

  19. Hi Jon, even if I am disappointed for the missed tour in Italy, in saying happy birthday I wish you all the good of this world. I would have loved to see one of your concerts in my beautiful and extraordinary nation of which I am proud, we Italians are unique in their originality, imagination and passion for everything we do. It will remain only a dream of mine and I think that I will no longer have any opportunity as long life is at the same time short. Greetings to you and all the band members and your families. Ornella.
    P.S .: it would be nice to receive your personal thanks.

  20. Happy Birthday Jon! Your my inspiration. Wishing you an amazing birthday, today and always! Cheers to you with Diving into Hampton Water. Oxox ♥️

  21. All the best for a wonderful Jon (Bon Jovi)!!
    Hope that your special day is filled with lots of love, happiness and joy.
    Enjoy your special day today and always. 😀 (big smile)
    You ROCK and so does BON JOVI!!!!!

  22. Happy Birthday Jon! Thank you for writing the soundtrack to my life- one album at a time. May you be blessed with many more years of good health, good music and good cheers.

  23. Happy happy birthday Jon!
    Thank you for creating such inspirational art. Your songs are so deeply moving, the lyrics resonate with me so much. Your music is so raw and real and especially the ‘This house is not for sale’ album.

    I can’t wait to see you in London in June. This will be my dream come true and the best gift for my 30th birthday!

    Keep inspiring us and keep doing it YOUR WAY (just like Frankie said :))

    All the best!
    Paula x

  24. Happy birthday! Wishing you many more years of health and happiness. You rock. Literally. Went to my first ever Bon Jovi show in Charlotte nc last April for my mom’s birthday present. We had so much fun. Hope to see you again!

  25. Happy birthday Jon !!!
    Do you remember Hollywood Rock in Rio de Janeiro 1990 ? Brasil loves you !!!
    Good Luck

  26. Happy Birthday Jon! 57 looks good on you. Thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life. I listen to Bon Jovi everyday. This House Is Not For Sale is my healing album. The lyrics have touched my heart deeply. I listened to it everyday on my way to radiation treatments for breast cancer from the first day it was released and still do. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I love the wine! Cheers to you on your special day and I’m excited for the next tour! I’ll be there and ready to rock with you!

  27. Happy Birthday Jon!.Wish you the best year ever.We are waiting for you in Romania in Summer. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  28. Jon,
    Feliz aniversário.
    Aproveite bem o ano de 2019. Viva-o com intensidade, alegria, família, trabalho, verdadeiras amizades e fé em Deus.
    Muita saúde e bom humor para transmitir aos animados e aos que precisam ser lembrados de que a vida é nosso maior tesouro.
    Sorria muitas vezes, pois o sorriso abre portas, corações, derrete o gelo, aproxima pessoas.
    Continue encantando os fãs, elevando seus espíritos. As melhores e verdadeiras canções conseguem chegar aos corações. Precisamos de paz, de um mundo mais solidário e feliz, como diz uma de suas letras – “Deus não comete erros” (Welcome To Wherever You Are).
    Santos, S.P. – Brasil

  29. Happy birthday Bon Jovi. I wish you the best of the best. You are beautiful inside and outside. God bless you ❤️

  30. Hi Jon wir wünschen Dir Alles Gute zum Geburtstag viel Glück, Gesundheit und Erfolg!
    Wir sehen uns heuer 2x in München & Wien
    Wir hoffen Deine Stimme kommt wieder zurück :-))))
    Danke für viele unvergessliche Momente See you
    Doris & Georg aus Österreich

  31. Dear Johnny!
    I wish for you that what I found is true …
    … and anything that makes you happy 🙂
    You made me happy again. God bless you

  32. Happy Birthday Jon!
    We’re not old just older, I’m turning 57 as well on March 5.
    Can’t wait to see you @Wembley Stadium this Summer.

  33. Happy birthday, Jon. When I first saw you in concert, you were 24 and I was 16. Now you’re 57?!? It’s okay. You’re still rockin’. You’re “just older!” Again, happy birthday and many more.

  34. Bon Jovi, you are amazing and full of “good energy”. I love that you do help people. I have a son with a mental illness diagnosis. He loves music and drumming in particular. He plays for hours on first Friday’s in Phoenix. We have a down town art walk and musicians line the streets. Right now the weather is heavenly her in Phoenix…until May. Anyway, we celebrate all that you do for people. Wish I could channel some really good ideas to you about the mental health community where I live.

    Bless you and keep on going!

    Nancy and Zach

  35. Hey Jon,
    Happy 57th Birthday!!!
    Thanks for inspiring a new generation of Rock singers…Have a good one

    Sherman from Toronto

  36. Happy belated birthday Jon! Hope it went well. Mine did, hahaha, I learned about your birthday when I was looking up mine in a special birthday book. It’s felt nice knowing some such as yourself has the same birthday althought another year. Many happy returns!

  37. I Just heard about rock in Rio 2019. Waiting for you in São Paulo! And This time, I’m taking my Babies with me, my older is five years old, and the Little one Will be one and a half by then! In 2017 I was There, pregnant two months of Joana.. We love you. They are your Little fans, We love your inspiring way of Living. God bless march 02, march 06, and everyday! Thank you all. take Care, I’ll never forget you, Jon!

  38. Happy Birthday, Jon!
    I am your number one fan, you are my idol. I LOVE your music and you are an inspiration to a lot of people. The song “It’s my Life”, “Livin’ On a Prayer” and “We Weren’t Born To Follow” are all really inspiring songs for me and has gotten me through tough times. My favorite is 80s music so you and your songs are right up my alley. I want to thank you for everything. I’ve always had your music.I want to wish you the best birthday ever!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!
    One of my favorite songs is Have a Nice Day, and I wish you “Have a nice day” from New Jersey, Your hometown.

  39. Happy Belated Birthday JBJ, hope you had a fabulous time, very excited about seeing you on 21st June Wembley Stadium, especially being our 16th wedding anniversary! Joined your fan club today. Very excited fan, Kristie xx

  40. Te hablo en Español, no soy muy bueno con English y no quiero cagarla o simular con un traductor.

    Te deseo lo mejor Jon, gracias a ti y a la banda que pude entender que la música tiene un valor significativo, con duras matadas de cabeza, y agitados esfuerzos musculares para al final rezar por algo y esperar a que tal proyecto salga a la luz y se haga conocer. Espero lo mismo que ustedes alguna vez esperaron ha que llegara.

    -Los quiero, mi máxima inspiración, BJ-

  41. Happy Birthday from Warsaw Jon! I wish You all the best! Please stay healthy and perfect as You are. Thank You for Your fantastic music and… see You at the concert In July!!!

  42. Vše nej k narozeninám hodně zdravíčka štěstíčka spousty lásky a mnoho úspěchů v soukromém a pracovním životě rádi bychom tě viděly i České republice

  43. Happy birthday Jon!! I hope you had had a wonderful day. Please, come tu Argentina. We are waiting for the annoucement of the concert date. You will be near in Brazil!

  44. Happy Birthday Jon. Wish you a year filled with amazing memories. Thank you for all that you do for so many

  45. Happy birthday Jon! Hope you had a magic day! Now you are the same age as me! Cool! I have been a fan since day one and I am still quite obsessed. I am very curious about that stunning blue jacket you wore in Australia. Would love to know more. Then please please please, we in South Africa are praying for a concert in 2019? Please?

  46. Happy birthday Jon! Wishing you many more! Thank you for such wonderful music for all these years! Also thank you for all the good works you and your band members do. God Bless!!

  47. Urgent!!!!!!
    first of all may I wish you a happy birthday,

    I am coming to your concert on the 21st June UK and want to propose to my girlfriend, is there any way you can make this a very special occasion for us by singing “Thank you for Loving me” her name is Gemma and I am Mark. if you could let me know if this is at all possible
    Many Thanks
    Mark Daniels

  48. God bless you. Happy Birthday. I am 52 years old, and I have a dream is dance with you the song Always when you do a concert in Puerto Rico. Although this dream do not come true… God bless you anyday, anyway, and whatever you are. So be it ALWAYS.

  49. BeLated Happy BirtHday Mr Jon Bon Jovi my idOL in rOck band sinCe i was hiGh schOoL, i even memorized all you songs and makes me feel heaven when i sing it. your truLy amazinG…Hoping i can see you in persOn but i don’t know how…can’t afford your talent fee hahaha’ hope you do still write bunch of songs and music videos.as you age we wanna see you more and more and we’ll witness together that you’re a living LEGEND. Thank yOu and more power and stay healthy and fit -love you my idOL! Greetings all the way from Philippines

  50. Happy Birthday, Jon. I want to meet you and have you help me promote my book. Of course you’ll have to read it first. I’m quite sure you will like it. Enjoy your day and get back to me, personally, ok?!

  51. Happy belated birthday Jon!
    I discovered your song Always, I was 14 years old. 25 years later, I still enjoy your music.
    And this year is really special for me, because I am going for the first time to see one of your concerts. The next July 10 in Zurich.
    I am looking forward!
    Thank you for everything.
    Best wishes from France.

  52. Well, I’m a lil late here but happy birthday to Jon Bon Jovi! I have loved you since I was 18 and now I’m 50 lol! My oh my how time flies but I don’t give a damn how old you are…you will always be one of my all time favs.

  53. Hi Jon and Happy Belated Birthday, I am a Firefighter/Paramedic and CPR Instructor that plays your song “Living on a Prayer” when I teach CPR classes. The chest compression ratio is 100-120/minute and your song is 110/minute which is right in the middle (perfect). Most people use the Bee Gees song “Staying Alive” which is 100/minute but it tends to be a little slow. So, I think we need to get your song out there since that is what the people we are trying to revive are doing is “Living on a Prayer”. Keep it going and “we’ll make it I swear”.
    Think about it.

  54. Happy Birthday Jon:) may you continue to have many blessings-from this Texas gal who has had a crush on you for 30 years-by the way you continue to get more handsome:)

  55. jon bon jovi,

    happy birthday to the sexiest man alive. i have been your fan since may 29 1989 tour detroit michigan usa. you are a wonderful man and i will always be jealous of your wife. you and your family take care and i would love to see you in michigan usa again.

    julie 2019

  56. Happy Birthday!
    Wishing you all the best for a wonderful new year and may all your wishes come true.
    Stay strong and healthy!
    When are you coming back to L.A. I miss you!
    Love always from a dear fan
    You rock!!!

  57. On my twins 23rd birthday here in aus 22nd april. Happy belated my amazing rock band watching you on dvd and praying for more blessings to come. Happy birthday mate. Katrina xoxo

  58. Sorry this is a very belated birthday wish!! Truly hope u had a good one! U r WONDERFUL!! Gorgeous voice, been following you since 1980s. And may I add you are STILL Drop Dead Gorgeous!! I use to sing duets with you in my bedroom mirror with my hairbrush microphone! We were so in love back then!! So funny , my dad caught me singing my heart out and video taped me with a BETA, do u remember those huge things? I was like,” Daddy how could you?” That was private and 4 Jon’s eyes only!!

  59. P.S. forgot 2 tell u my name is Myra, I’m 52, and “our song” is DO YOU WANNA MAKE A MEMORY? You BET I DO!

  60. Happy Birthday!
    Wishing you all the best for a wonderful new year and may all your wishes come true.
    Stay strong and healthy! Been a fan since 1986. Love u always!!

  61. Hello Jon! Maybe you read this message, I will not speak beautiful words that you listen to every day for your fans, I just want the divine light to accompany you, that you never forget to be happy and strong as you have always shown, you are a very wise and I greatly admire you as a person and as a professional. I’m Brazilian, I’m 27 years old and I will not be lucky to go to Hock’in Rio to see you shining, but I’m happy for you. This is my e-mail. A big hug. Take care!

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