Opening Act Contest First Round Winners Announced

Earlier this month, Jon Bon Jovi announced on Facebook Live an exciting opening act contest to give bands the chance to open an arena date on Bon Jovi’s This House Is Not For Sale Tour. To enter the competition, thousands of bands uploaded audition videos at or the Bon Jovi and Live Nation Facebook pages.  To pick the winner for each tour date, Live Nation chose 10 finalists and Bon Jovi management selected the contest winner from the shortlist.

Artists can still submit their videos for March 1-April 11 show dates. The submission deadline for Round Three (March 1-March 8 show dates) is February 1 at 12pm PST. 

Head over to to get your tickets to the 2017 This House Is Not For Sale Tour. 



February 8 – Greenville, SC

Michael Tracy

“I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan all of my life and am thrilled to be sharing the stage with such a rock and roll icon,” said Michael Tracy. “I’m truly grateful for being selected and for Jon’s commitment to providing opportunities to those artists battling in the trenches.”

Michael Tracy - Greenville Winner


February 10 – Atlanta, GA


“In addition to being fans of Bon Jovi, the coolest part about winning this contest is the intention and inspiration behind why they put it on in the first place,” said MARADEEN. “It shows an appreciation for every musician’s tenacity as we strive for the chance to have that one moment. They’re paying it forward and taking a chance themselves, as they probably don’t know what to fully expect from the winners. But we can tell you that what they should expect from MARADEEN is our absolute best. We’re gonna give them all one to remember and we, as a band, will be eternally grateful to them for this opportunity.”

Maradeen - Atlanta Winner


February 12 – Sunrise, FL


“Making our first two EPs was easier than finding the words to express our excitement,” said Yardij.

Yardij - Sunrise FL Winner


February 14 – Tampa, FL

Hannah Jae

“We are so incredibly astounded to have this opportunity,” said Hannah Jae. “It is an honor and a dream come true to open for Bon Jovi! We can’t wait!”

Hannah Jae - Tampa Winner


February 16 – Birmingham, AL

Sweet Tea Trio

“Opening for Bon Jovi on the This House is not for Sale Tour certainly for us is like ‘living on a prayer,’” said the Sweet Tea Trio

Sweet Tea Trio - Birmingham, AL Winner

February 18 – Nashville, TN

Jake Johnson

“To say what I have to say would take a decade to complete,” said Jake Johnson. “This dream is the summit of the mountain we have been climbing our whole lives, and now it has become a reality. The band and I would like to thank Bon Jovi, Live Nation, and everyone involved in the contest for making this possible. When we were kids, we held broomsticks and imagined the roar of the crowd. On February 18th, we will hear that deafening roar that echoed in our imaginations…but for real.”

Jake Johnson - Nashville, TN Winner


February 19 – St. Louis, MO

The Former Me

“It is beyond belief to have this opportunity,” said The Former Me. “Incredibly humbling to see a band of this caliber that hasn’t forgotten where they started give back to striving artists. We’re excited to have the chance to show everyone what we’ve got, hope you’re all ready for it.”

The Former Me - St. Louis Winner

16 thoughts on “Opening Act Contest First Round Winners Announced

  1. we are supposedly able to vote for a band for our local show(Chicago) but I tried and could not even find the musicians name in the page or a way to vote

    1. there’s no fan voting, the finalists for each city are chosen by Live Nation and the winner is chosen by the band and their management.

  2. Will you guys be doing the same thing for your dates in italy? So many great bands that do not have access to large stages . This opportunity could finally bring a breath of life to an almost dead music scene in this country. Congrats to all the winners…!!!!

  3. Hello,
    I am just wondering how one finds out who the winners are and if everyone is contacted, even if they didn’t win, or just the winner?
    Thank you very much

  4. Hey jon we’d love to be the opening actfor your show in montreal. This is one of our songs “walk away” were a hard rock band from montreal and just need a break. Hope u enjoy !

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