Watch Episode 2 of the THINFS Tour Recap Series: Favorite Moments

Episode 2 of the THINFS Tour Recap Series is now live! Watch as the band and crew discuss their favorite moments on the 2018 North American This House Is Not For Sale Tour.

10 thoughts on “Watch Episode 2 of the THINFS Tour Recap Series: Favorite Moments

  1. These are FANTASTIC! Enjoying the clips and comments. Can’t explain it, It’s just great to see this ‘side’… we love the concerts, the energy, all of it, and these recap series are just plain fun! Thank you! Love it!

  2. Back in 1989 in Uruguay with 13 yrs old I used to dream with a Bon Jovi live concert…now in 2018 in Charlotte NC it came true…. I love you Jon you are Amazing not only when you sing but in all the other things you do for others when you are not singing. Looking forward to see you in the next concert…

  3. There are favorites moments?? Every moments has been fantastic!!! I love you so much, Guys… I’m very anxious to be able to live these moments during the next tour…in Europe.. i hope…I wait for you….

  4. This was an awesome idea- hope there are many more and EVERY tour ends with them moving forward! Jon, one suggestion. I’m not saying go full Bono and dye your hair black- but let’s tone down the gray a bit! You’re making me feel old-lol. Just kidding, whatever makes you happy brother!

  5. Sometimes I think I need see my band favorite. Everyday I think I need hear my band favorite, the voice of my lovely and amazing Jon. I waiting see you again, at the special moment, in the next tour.

  6. Jon deine Seele ist nicht Italian and real American, sondern verkaufte Seele, an die korupte Irland Menschen,, it’s very sad that you are Lügner und Frauen Verführer,der zeigt in Konzert, und andere Frauen kusst, und behauptet das du deine Frau liebst

  7. Jon, I don’t know if you saw this already, but 5 days after a heart attack, I attended your concert in Denver. My husband dropped me at the door, and picked me up at the door at the end of the night. I wasn’t allowed to drink or dance! I was in row 8, on the end, and when you walked by, you squeezed my hand!!! I can tell you that felt amazing, and like a healing touch! I then saw you in San Antonio, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia! Your music inspires me, and always hits a chord. It’s like you are inside my head! Your concerts are full of energy, and you totally engage the crowds. I adore your philanthropic activities! The 30 second kind-of-explanation of why I love you! Brenda

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