Wanted Dead or Alive – Live from Wembley

Bon Jovi performs “Wanted Dead or Alive” in London at Wembley Stadium on June 21, 2019. Check back every week for more live videos from the 2019 This House Is Not For Sale Tour through Europe!

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18 thoughts on “Wanted Dead or Alive – Live from Wembley

  1. Can‘t wait till next friday with JBJ and the boys in Klagenfurt How is that working with the upgrade seats ? The tickets are a gift to our 10th aniversary of our marriage, but we have seats far away

  2. I am a big fan. I super love all of the 80’s songs. Bon Jovi is so amazing. Long live guys! Hoping to watch your live perf someday. I love you Jon Bongiovi ❤️

  3. I was one of those in the crowd singing and cheering all throughout your concert! I had a bloody fantastic time again – 7 times I’ve seen Bon Jovi over the years. Love, love, love you guys and I can not wait until the next visit you do!

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