This House Is Not For Sale Re-Issued With Two New Songs

Bon Jovi’s #1 debuting album, This House Is Not For Sale, has been reissued by Island Records and is available now at your preferred online retailers and streaming platforms; see links below.

Both “When We Were US” and “Walls,” were written by Jon Bon Jovi, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007. The songs reflect current events, both personal and nationwide, respectively.


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19 thoughts on “This House Is Not For Sale Re-Issued With Two New Songs

  1. Happy birthday to you! We wish you all the best for you and all your family, health and all yours dreams come true. Kiss you. Cristina & Carmen

  2. Jon Bon Jovi um feliz aniversário, sou de São Paulo no Brasil e sou muito seu fã, que tenha muita saúde e continue fazendo este rock roll incrível, um grande abraço.

  3. Hello Band, that I love so much !! My name is Leandra. I’m from Brazil, MG state. A super fan of this wonderful band !! kisses

  4. Jon in mémories of Léonard Cohen can you play for thé people of montreal haleluhah we appréciate ill be There april 4 thanks you !

  5. My girlfriend and I recently lost our moms unexpectedly. We would love if you would play ” Hallelujah ” for us in honor of our moms, at your DALLAS show on 3/26. We will be there to rock this night and celebrate life with your Amazingness ! ❤️

  6. My birthday is april 5th and I’m very happy to spend the evening with my idol of all Time, Bon Jovi. It was already a bless and now, I’m speechless since I find out that my dear friend Travis Cormier will do the first part!!! I’m looking foward for the best birthday I could dream of!!! Merci pour ce cadeau inestimable

  7. So very excited to see Bon Jovi in Monteal, Quebec on April 4, 2018 at the Bell Ctr. I have never see the band.
    We planned to ride Amtrak from NY into Monteal. Amtrak notified us at 2pm on April 4 that rhere was a mechanical issue with our train due to depart at 4:05 pm but not to worry, they were providing alternate transportation. We found out that would be a bus due to arrive to transport at 6 or 7 pm and found out that in Albany, NY a person had been hit by our train!!. So we decided to drive. Finally got to the hotel at 6 pm, plenty of time to catch all the music !!! Excitedly we walked up to the front desk only to be told the show was canceled. We had a choice, turn around and drive back, lose $120 a pieceor to stay. We stayed only to discover the car had been damaged badly in the parking lot, with dents and scratches from the high winds all night in Montreal.So having paid a lot of money to see a band I have wanted to see all my life, I will be there on May LIVING ON A PRAYER !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Just saw the show in Raleigh, NC. Drove from Tennessee and was super excited after seeing previous shows with Jon going into the crowd and hoped and prayed this would be my chance to at least get a handshake. Spent over 3 grand for front row and once again no touch, hug, or anything. Enjoyed the show but will most likely never spend that kind of money again. So very sad and heartsick

  9. So glad you guys are dragging your tired-as asses down to Australia yet again. You know we really do appreciate the time you spend away from family and friends to bring us the music we love, so thank you xo

  10. Hi guys, can I please please ask that you include Belfast, Northern Ireland on your European tour, you haven’t been back since May 1993 and you promised you would come back. PLEASE, love you guys, always xxx

  11. I want to buy This house with the 2 bonus tracks, but can’t get CD in the uk. Anyone know where I can get it. I don’t just want to download them, I want the cd.

  12. hey,.. bon jovi i was in one of youre videos from 94 in these arms in brown county arena when in 2019 are u coming to denver Colorado?


  13. Hi bon jovi

    Your music ricks! Every time I hear a bon jovi song I turn the radio right up.
    Only because I can’t drive to see any of your concerts due to my eyesight been legally blind.

  14. Well Jon I been awhile since I been to your concert in Sydney last time was area . Not working now only studying in disability at college. Soon to graduate in November. Still got new jersey photos from your HMV appearance in parramatta church streets. Your long fan Paul Perkins now living on south coast .

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