The This House Is Not For Sale Tour Heads to Europe in Summer 2019

** news post revised to include 2nd Dublin date **

Bon Jovi is heading to Europe in Summer 2019! All newly announced dates listed below.

Backstage with JBJ Fan Club tickets and VIP Package pre-sales will begin the morning of Tuesday, October 30.

Keep reading below for specific dates, times, and pre-sales.


Tour Dates

May 31, 2019 Moscow, Russia @ Luzhniki Stadium

June 2, 2019 Tallinn, Estonia @ Song Festival Grounds

June 5, 2019 Stockholm, Sweden @ Tele2 Arena

June 8, 2019 Stavanger, Norway @ Viking Stadium

June 11, 2019 Sonderborg, Denmark @ Slagmarken

June 13, 2019 Nijmegan, Netherlands @ Goffertpark

June 15, 2019 Dublin, Ireland @ RDS Arena

June 16, 2019 Dublin, Ireland @ RDS Arena

June 19, 2019 Liverpool, UK @ Anfield Stadium

June 21, 2019 London, UK @ Wembley Stadium

June 23, 2019 Coventry, UK @ Ricoh Arena

July 3, 2019 Dusseldorf, Germany @ Merkur Spiel-Arena

July 5, 2019 Munich, Germany @ Olympic Stadium

July 7, 2019 Madrid, Spain @ Wanda Stadium

July 10, 2019 Zurich, Switzerland @ Letzigrund

July 12, 2019 Warsaw, Poland @ PGE Narodowy

July 14, 2019 Werchter, Belgium @ TW Classic

July 17, 2019 Vienna, Austria @ Ernst-Happel-Stadion

July 19, 2019 Klagenfurt, Austria @ Wörthersee Stadion

July 21, 2019 Bucharest, Romania @ Piata Constitutei



Visit for ticketing links. Current fan club members will receive an e-mail prior to the pre-sale with reminder directions on where to locate their pre-sale code. Directions will also be posted on

Tuesday, October 30 at 8am local time:
Liverpool, London, and Coventry

Tuesday, October 30 at 9am local time:
Stockholm, Stavanger, Sonderborg, Nijmegan, Dusseldorf, Munich, Zurich, Warsaw, Werchter, Vienna, Klagenfurt, and Bucharest

Tuesday, October 30 at 10am local time:
Moscow and Tallinn

Thursday, November 1 at 8am local time:

Tuesday, November 6 at 9am local time:
Madrid, Spain



Wednesday, October 31 at 12pm local time:

Friday, November 2 at 9am local time: 
Stockholm, Liverpool, London, Coventry, Werchter, and Bucharest

Friday, November 2 at 10am local time:
Tallinn, Sønderborg, Dusseldorf, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, and Klagenfurt

Friday, November 2 at 11am local time:

Tuesday, November 6 at 10am local time:

Thursday, November 8 at 9am local time:

Friday, November 9 at 9am local time:



*VIP Packages not available for Moscow, Russia and Werchter, Belgium dates*

Ultimate Barricade VIP Experience:


• One (1) general admission ticket in The Bon Jovi VIP Barricaded Section –an exceptional dedicated viewing area in front of stage/ramp with in and out access.

• Early Entry with Special Bon Jovi VIP Entrance

• Behind The Scenes Tour: Tour the inner workings of Bon Jovi’s tour production. Find out what it takes to produce the tour and take it from city to city.

• Litho Autographed by Jon Bon Jovi

• Exclusive Jon Bon Jovi Overnight Bag

• Exclusive Flag

• Exclusive Guitar Pick Tin Set

• Commemorative Laminate and Lanyard

Diamond Barricade VIP Experience:


• One (1) general admission ticket in The Bon Jovi VIP Barricaded Section – viewing area in front of stage/ramp with in and out access.

• Early Entry with Special Bon Jovi VIP Entrance

• Jon Bon Jovi Litho

 • Exclusive Jon Bon Jovi Overnight Bag

• Exclusive Flag

• Exclusive Guitar Pick Tin Set

• Commemorative Laminate and Lanyard

Gold VIP Package:


• One (1) General Admission Ticket in Golden Circle

• Early Entry with Special Bon Jovi VIP Entrance

• Jon Bon Jovi Litho

• Exclusive Jon Bon Jovi Overnight Bag

• Exclusive Flag

• Exclusive Guitar Pick Tin Set

• Commemorative Laminate and Lanyard

Silver VIP Package:


• One (1) Reserved Ticket in Lower Bowl

• Early Entry with Special Bon Jovi VIP Entrance

• Jon Bon Jovi Litho

• Exclusive Jon Bon Jovi Overnight Bag

• Exclusive Flag 

• Exclusive Guitar Pick Tin Set

• Commemorative Laminate and Lanyard

194 thoughts on “The This House Is Not For Sale Tour Heads to Europe in Summer 2019

  1. oh may gosh i am soooo excited this will be my first ever bonjovi concert in the uk and ill be nearly 40 i also got my first ever tattoo which is of course the bonjovi logo im super excited i only hope i can get a ticket b4 they sell out .cant wait to see u guys! xxxxx love kelly wikberg from liverpool, uk.

  2. But… Italy???? Estonia,Romania,Austria (2 dates) and Italy nothing??? This is your thanks for our wonderful welcome to San Siro stadium in 2013????

  3. Buenos días, estoy deseando verles de nuevo. Solo quería saber el precio de las entradas para poder ir reservando para varias personas en el concierto de Madrid. Muy agradecida por su atencion .
    Carmen .

  4. This is sooo exciting. I’ve been waiting too long to see him/them again. Will there be any Scotland dates released?

  5. Is Scotland getting snubbed then ? All Jovi loyal fans not good enough this time around ? Well thanks for taking our hard earned money any other time and sticking 2 fingers up at us now … HAVE A NICE DAY !

  6. Haw can i have the pass for the backstage for the Romania concert ???please can you tell me where i can buy it ?! Thank you !

  7. Hi.
    The presale in Madrid it´s in two dates…

    Tuesday, October 30 at 9am local time:
    Stockholm, Stavanger, Sonderborg, Nijmegan, Dusseldorf, Munich, Madrid, Zurich, Warsaw, Werchter, Vienna, Klagenfurt, and Bucharest

    Tuesday, November 6 at 9am local time:
    Madrid, Spain

    What´s the correct date???


      1. Hi, i don´t have presale code, I´m member bon Jovi fan club. Please, can envy me the presale code to my email? Its from Madrid

  8. Hello, I write from México city, send greetings and i would like to know why you have not come to México? I would really like to see them again!!! Thanks!!!

  9. Hi guys,
    I don’t understand for the pre sales if by local time you mean the local time of the countries where tickets are sold or local time EST.

  10. Hi my name is Sina and I’m from Germany. My question is when can I preorder the tickets for the Concert in Munich?

    Greetings from Germany

  11. My fan club membership expires next march, however when I try to log in at home the backstage page tells me my membership has expired and asks for a code to apply. I can log in fine on computer at work. Any ideas please, I need to get on line at home to order tickets !

  12. Hello, i just wanna ask if those are the only dates in EU because i would like to wait to see if you are going to Portugal and then i would buy that ticket. Otherwise I will buy to see you guys in Spain. I really would appreciate if you could tell me if those are the only EU dates or if it will have more. Greatings

  13. ++++++

    Dear Bon Jovi, I´m a 14 year old girl from Germany and one of your biggest fan my age. I really would like to go with my dad to one of your concerts but on the 4th July, one day after your concert in Dusseldorf, I have to go to school and write an english class test. And on the 5th July my brother celebrates his 4th birthday.
    So now my question: Could you please make a stop in Frankfurt?

  14. I am the biggest fan ever ….. Period …. there is no song I don’t know …. My one wish is to see jbj live in concert … Always think will I be the lucky one in this life to watch a concert ever …India being so far away ….my dreams and wishes just diminish….. Plz choose me please help me make it to this concert …. Plz

  15. Hi! Thank you for the information! I was wondering if the VIP Packages described in this post are the same than those related at the Backstage with JBJ website for the members. Is there any advantage for the Fan Club members? Thank you so much!

  16. HI! On Fan Club Pre-sale, can we buy any kind of tickets? I mean, not only VIP packages. And, another question, with fan club tickets do we have early entry?

  17. I see that you are mentioning always “local time”. But from which Country are you writing? So that I can understood when the sales and pre-sales will effectively open?

  18. I bought a membership almost 2 hours ago, I still haven’t recieved the email with the keykode, and when I follow the link in the email about the order it just says:
    Authorising Payment, We are waiting for payment confirmation from Shopify. Typically this takes less than one minute you can safely close this window if you do not wish to wait.
    Please help, so I can buy presale tickets tomorrow at 9 am I Denmark.

    Kind regards


  19. Hallo!! I bought the jbj membership to have the very first row in the presale for london… but now i cant get ti the form ti ne filled!!!!

  20. Heard a lot of rumours about coming to Dublin….why don’t ye come down to CORK instead? It’s a great city and seriously underplayed!!

    1. Yes, you can. Please be sure to follow the activation instructions that are emailed to you after purchase. Once you fully activate your account, a pre-sale code will be listed under your “My Account” page when you log into

    1. If you are a member of the Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi fan club and you’ve activated your account following the instructions that were emailed to you after purchase, you can find your code under “My Account” when you log into

      1. I may be stupid, but i have register myself several times, but i cant find the place…. once it let me in, and then i havent register…. i allready cry, but i cant find it!

  21. I do not understand the ticket system, want to buy a vip package in stockholm and only came to the golden circle on presale. How does it work? I’ve saved like an idiot for one such ultimate place……… 🙂 plz

  22. Hello,

    I just recently joined the Bon Jovi Fan Club.
    Is it possible to get an e-mail with a pre-sale code.

    Thank You and Best Regards

  23. Do you think you will be adding a date at all in Scotland? Not wanting to purchase tickets for England if a Scotland date is going to be added. Every time you have been in Scotland i have been there and the atmosphere has always been great. Hope to hear back. 🙂

  24. Such a great news. The first show in 2011 in Bucharest i was pregnant in 8.5 months with my boy. Now, he loves listening Bon Jovi. Every time he gets in the cars he asks his dad to play Bon Jovi CD for him. One nihgt before you announce the tour, i was telling my husband that would be so nice to see a second show in Bucharest so my kid could see him live. This is wonderful, i told my son: Look, Bon Jovi is coming here, in Bucharest. Do you wanna go? His answer: Mommy, i think i will fade! Is this true? Of course i want. He is 7 years old and such a big fan. Thank you for the big news. Already bought the tickets!!!

  25. Hi.
    The PUBLIC ON-SALE TIMES in Warsaw it´s in two dates…

    Friday, November 2 at 10am local time:
    Tallinn, Sønderborg, Dusseldorf, Munich, Zurich, Warsaw, Vienna, and Klagenfurt

    Tuesday, November 6 at 10am local time:

    What´s the correct date???


  26. Hi, the Backstage Presale for Dublin starts on Friday the 1st of November.
    That can not be correct. Friday is the 2nd of November.

  27. Were all levels for SEAT ONLY tickets made available for fan club presale for Wembley? I wanted to buy 4 x £95 (+ fees) tickets but it was telling me that they were not available for sale at that time and kept offering me more expensive tickets.
    I’m coming from Melbourne Australia with my husband and 2 young kids and ideally want those seats.

  28. Hi from Poland,
    I’ve just bought 3 tickets for the show in Warsaw GA EE, we have only 2 options : VIP and GA ( you can also buy early entry GA) – it’s diffrent from other cities, where fans can buy gc tickets (without package). But my question is: do the fanclub members still enter the stadium before the rest of the fans, we were told (Live Nation Poland office) that there are no privilege for backstage members and all those who have GAEE tickets (backstage or non-backstage) enter the stadium at the same time. Is it possible? No priviledges for backstage members?

  29. Can I purchase diamond circle tickets for Wembley without a vip package did it six years ago in Sunderland and loved it

  30. COME TO SCOTLAND! There are so many fans here (including my whole family) who can’t travel to England or Dublin to see you but would love to see you live! My mum has been dying to see Bon Jovi for years but has always had to miss out and I was hoping to get to take her next year as she may not get another chance. Please add a Scotland date! It would make her so happy!!

  31. I have a presale code for Dublin when do they go on sale and what website do I access tickets from? I can’t see an option for Dublin presale on this website and it says presale tomorrow at 8am I’m panicking as don’t know where to go in the morning to try to get HELP

      1. Hi Lisa, to take advantage of the fan club pre-sale you’ll need to be a member of the Backstage with JBJ Fan Club. You can find more information on memberships at

  32. Guys cm’on come to Italy WTF!
    What’s the matter?
    You’re gonna have the best pasta and wine, and on top of that the hottest fans.

  33. Por favor, pueden decirme cuando salen a la venta las entradas para el concierto en MADRID, el 7/7/2018,en algunas páginas dicen que el dia 9/11/2018 , pero en la oficial vuestra, aún no habeis puesto la fecha , y en el resto de ciudades del Tour, si aparece la fecha de compra, ¿porqué en la de Madrid no aparece?..?Muchas gracias.

  34. If I book front of stage in switzerland will I be entitled for any VIP package? And if I book golden circle in any other country will I get vip package please?

  35. Just bought the gold circle for Wembley about 24 years ago the crossroads tour at the bowl was my first concert….
    So excited!

  36. 23 years ago I went to my 1st BON JOVI at Wembley Stadium. The 2nd was Milton Keynes later on it the same tour. OMG best shows ever. Now I return to the home of football to see my heroes. Time to get out my cowboy boots for this ageing rocker !!!! #BONJOVIROCKS

  37. SERBIA! Novi Sad has the Best European festival, EXIT, we are the hot spot in European music events. You cannot skip us 🙂

  38. Buenos días,
    ¿Alguien sabe por qué no deja comprar los pack VIP de Madrid? Ni siquiera salen en el plano del estadio y desde el primer minuto pone que no hay entradas disponibles.

  39. I always thought that Bon Jovi cared about their fans, but with the price of even the cheapest tickets for the shows (standing where they cannot even see Bon Jovi) in England are downright disgusting. My partner would love to go to see Bon Jovi again, but with the obscene ticket prices, the cost of travel, food and refreshments, overnight accommodation etc, then this will amount to several hundreds of £’s, do really think that ordinary life long fans will be able to afford it?, no they wont! I am sorry to say this but you are ripping people off, and you really have gone downwards in peoples esteem!

  40. Hi from Warsaw! I am so excited! I was at the concert in Gdansk in 2013 and can’t wait to see you again in Poland! Thank you Bon Jovi!!! Love you Guys!!!

  41. Hi!
    I’m coming to your concert in Stockholm, for me it’s a once in a lifetime I haven’t been able to go before so I’m so happy I finally can. Now my question: Will Bon Jovi play on Sweden rock to? It would be totally amazing ifrån that would be the case.

  42. Hi!

    And what about Barcelona???
    Our 6-year-old daughter is waiting for you!!!
    Pleaseeeeeee!!! She’s starting to listen Maluma and we need your help to avoid this disgrace!!!

  43. Hi everyone!:)))
    Thank you huge, Bon Jovi that you are going to arrive to Russia at the end of May, 2019 with a concert in Moscow!
    We very much wait for you!:)))

  44. I love you forever and ever! I love your music. Your life are an inspiration for me. I am from Romania, I am 42 yers old and I want to come to the concert in 21 july, in Bucharest. To see you and listened your music are the wish to the short list with things to do in this life. You are rock, always!

  45. Dearest Jonny,,,, you forgot Italy… but we won’t forget you!!
    I’ll go to Wembley with all my family to see you play… At least… sing for us ‘THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME’ on june 21

  46. Bon Jovi in Mexico there are so many fans of you, please come to Mexico this 2019 and all the mexican people will thank you a lot!!

  47. OMG – just been given tickets to the wembley concert for my birthday next week!! My family are just amazing – cant xxx They tried for the golden circle but couldnt get them – but still got great seats and only 6 days to wait xxx

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