Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Fan Vote: Can anyone catch Bon Jovi? –

By Troy L. Smith,

CLEVELAND, Ohio – More than two weeks into the annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Fan Vote and Bon Jovi fans have kept the faith.

As of Tuesday morning, the band was continuing its big lead in the polls with more than 360,000 votes. The Moody Blues were in second, approaching 290,000 votes.

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12 thoughts on “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Fan Vote: Can anyone catch Bon Jovi? –

  1. amo vcs há mais de 20 anos sigo os acontecimentos e principalmente amoooooo as músicas adoraria demais ver um show mas nao tive a oportunidade de ainda ir mas tenho fé que um dia irei com certeza!!!!! John eu te amooooo cara sou sua fãaaaaaaa desde os meus 18 anos seu poster está no quarto…meu marido odeia kkkkkkkk mas eu amoooooooo bjos galera lindaaaa

  2. I have loved Jon Bon Jovi for over 30 years he has always been my love I loved his music from the start and I am so jealous of his wife she has herself a fantastic man not just totally gorgeous but extremely talented as well put them together you got the perfect man I am just a couple years older than he is so I’ve known him from the start well not technically but that would be an amazing thing to actually meet him face-to-face to give him a kiss like he does with those beautiful young ladies I am so jealous when I see that he’s lucky to have a wife that understands what he has to do and that just makes people love him even more

  3. I have been a fan of Jon bon jovi send I was 15year old I’m now 42 years old and still love his music its the best

  4. 32 anni di passion Music
    32 anni di te
    Hai accompagnato tutti i più bei momenti della mia vita aiutandomi nei periodi bui
    Per me hai già vinto
    Lorella De Sanctis
    Roma – Italia

  5. Can’t wait to go back to hall of fame after the best band ever is inducted. They definitely deserve it. I hope the king of swing will be there with Captain Kidd. Blood on Blood forever.

  6. Absolutely must be in hall of fame wish I can go to a concert with my hubby believe it or not my dad didn’t let me go to concerts I’ve been married 34 years and haven’t been to a BONJOVI or any rock converts lived out of the country all my teen years and continued ot of the country LOVE THE MUSIC sand rhe band

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