Raise Your Hands – Live in Philly

Watch a live performance of “Raise Your Hands” from the 2018 This House Is Not For Sale Tour in North America.

The This House Is Not For Sale Tour is making it’s way through Japan, Australia, and Europe! Visit www.bonjovi.com/tour for dates and ticket links. 

17 thoughts on “Raise Your Hands – Live in Philly

  1. I’m very interesting see dear Jon Bongiovi in meeting for talk of JBJS. My petition is all my heart.
    All the best

  2. Is there a live stream tomorrow ? I read on the roadie app that there is a live broadcast but there is nothing written here on bon jovi.com so I am a bit confused I don’t have social media anymore so not up to date that much with information can you please confirm for us if it’s so.thank you .

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