Raise Your Hands – Live from Tallinn

Bon Jovi performs “Raise Your Hands” in Tallinn, Estonia on June 2, 2019. Check back every week for more live videos from the 2019 This House Is Not For Sale Tour through Europe!

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6 thoughts on “Raise Your Hands – Live from Tallinn

  1. It was unforgettable night in Tallinn on June 02 , 2019!
    Thank you all! Jon, Tico, David, Phil and Hugh! Thank You For Loving Us!
    We Are Living On A Prayer that You’ll Be Here For Us. Welcome To Wherever You Are! Always!
    I hope you’ll spend These Days in our Open Arms.

    Have A Nice Day, Jon!

    Have A Nice Day, Tico, David, Phil and Hugh!

  2. I was in Tallinn, it was my first Bon Jovi concert.
    I was waiting in the front row for five hours when the concert started the atmosphere was magical I hope Bon Jovi band will also come to Finland in the near future, welcome to Finland

  3. Awesome. It was freezing cold, despite the sun, but once the band hit the stage the temperature rose big time. It was amazing to see the band back after more than 6 years.

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