New Song, Unbroken, Out Now


Bon Jovi’s new song “Unbroken” is out now!

“Unbroken” was written for the documentary To Be of Service about veterans and their service dogs. All proceeds from downloads of “Unbroken” will be donated to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.




15 thoughts on “New Song, Unbroken, Out Now

  1. Im a singer that broke her neck, cannot sing anymore, I live with no identity, always here when someone asked what do you do for a living I’d be proud to say I’m a sing/guitar player. That was my identity. I spend all my time at home. But every time I get depressed I put Bon Jovi on and somehow it for a short time releases me from being miss nobody.

  2. Wow !!! ‘Unbroken’ is a fantastic song.The guitar melody in the song is amazing such as in the intro/outro.

    Have A Nice Day


  3. Para o disco bon jovi 2020 adorariamos um disco hard rock ao menos no patamar do keep the faith caras! Queremos algo mais rock nas guitarras!
    Façam pois sera sucesso e vocês não precisam provar mais nada!
    Seria bol também a voltar de Ritchie para se juntar com phli x . Seria maravilho alem de dividir os vocais com jhon! Tenho 38 anos e vi a faixa etária no grande show do Recife Brasil! Acima de 30 anos! E todos esperando rock também. Abraço do cowboy ( city: Caruaru Brasil)

  4. Dear Gents,
    I’m a soldier in the German Air Force for 32 years now and I want to thank you guys for this incredible song.
    And even more I want to thank you for your donation.
    We are proud to serve!

  5. Fantastic song.such a lovely thing for Jon to do. As a very proud wife of British navy veteran I know how hard it can be for veterans and families so thank you Jon you’re an amazing and very giving man
    Best wishes Jo from UK xx

  6. What a very moving song. Thank you Jon for remembering all the soldiers and veterans and the incredible dogs that help them in their time of need. Love always Linda from UK xx

  7. What an amazing song. I have been a Bon Jovi fan for over 30 years now. He just keeps giving back!! It makes my heart melt every time I hear about something knew that he has started. I will say that “Unbroken” is the one that gets me the most. My dad is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. He lost his hearing in his right ear when a bomb exploded near him. He came home with a purple heart and PTSD. He is now 77 with diabetes, heart issues and just lost his leg from the illnesses that were caused be the gas used in Vietnam. He has had a rough time since my mom died in 2003. Through it all he has remained a true Patriot and a proud Air Force retiree. He lives in Florida by himself and I am in Texas. I wish we were closer. My son is in college at Texas A & M in the Corps of Cadets and just signed with the Marines. I am so proud to be a military mom and Air Force Brat. My family will always love our great country. Thank you Bon Jovi for all that you do and for supporting our hero’s that fight for our freedoms every day.

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