Livin’ On A Prayer – Live in Philly!

Watch Bon Jovi perform Livin’ On A Prayer live in Philadelphia on May 3, 2018 on the This House Is Not For Sale Tour!

19 thoughts on “Livin’ On A Prayer – Live in Philly!

  1. Você é maravilhoso!
    Que linda sua apresentação, muito sua fã ❤❤❤❤❤
    Love you❤♫♪♫♪
    Quem sabe um dia consigo te assistir e realizar meu sonho!

  2. What can i say?..Simply MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!! I followed you in all the venues on Youtube…. We know you love ALL your fans, so after Japan and Australia i’m sure you’ll come here too, right? All of Europe awaits you……..I wait for you…….I’ll be the first to buy The Ticket for any part of Europe!!! I love you so much, Guys!!!

  3. Me encanto esta nueva versión ♥️ espero que vengas pronto a la Argentina!!! Muero de ganas de verte en vivo y cantar todas tus canciones, ..

  4. Happy to be here !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am too emotioned right now and it s sooo difficult to find the proper words : Jon Bon Jovi-fabulous and a legend,for generations of people all over the world,capable to lead minds and souls by music,probably one of the most beautiful”shape of arts”.Mr.Bon Jovi,i will never say,enough listening to you !Just AMAZING and words ,in any of languages ,are too poor to express the meaning of your music,released over 30yrs ! Like a wonderful bridge leading generations !…The story goes on ,filling another page,another book…

  5. I was wondering when the band will come back to Albany and/or Saratoga, NY? It’s been five years. The past couple tours for the latest album, This House is Not For Sale, I keep checking the tour dates, and hoping one or both cities gets added. Any idea? Been looking forward to seeing you again. 13x now and hopefully more. Thank you.

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