Just Added: When We Were Us – Live from Tokyo

Watch “When We Were Us” performed live from Tokyo, Japan during the 2018 This House Is Not For Sale Tour. Subscribe to the official Bon Jovi YouTube channel and be the first to watch newly uploaded videos. Click the bell to be notified when a new video is added.

For upcoming tour dates, visit www.bonjovi.com/tour.

3 thoughts on “Just Added: When We Were Us – Live from Tokyo

  1. It’s true, you were diamonds in the rough and today you are THE diamond that shines and brights !!!!!! I can not wait for July 10th, when i’ll see you again on the stage of Zurich’s stadium…..I’m sure it will be a great show…….As i say “Always and in any case Bon Jovi fan, for ever”

  2. I am having trouble joining your mailing list as it doesn’t recognise my email address as valid,it must be because it is Scottish!

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