Jon Bon Jovi on Facebook Live

Jon Bon Jovi went live on Facebook on November 30 to answer you questions, thank fans for 1M+ Rock Hall votes, and more!

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  1. Dear Johnny!

    My name is Izabela ,I live in Wałbrzych(Poland)
    I think that Bon Jovi is the Best Rock’n ‘Roll Band over the World!!!!
    Jonny I vote everyday for Bon Jovi❣️❣️❣️
    Blessed sunday!
    Take care!
    See you soon!

  2. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your broadcast! Never fear, you are NOT the last person to join social media. That would be me. I’m still proudly non-social media!
    See you in 2018!

  3. Thank you for not only providing the world with great music but for also showcasing honest and sincere work ethics. A solid foundation provides support; allows growth with work ethics being the foundation for all facets of life.

    Thanks Again
    Lisa E~

  4. Did you and Gwen Stefani perform for Pope Francis on 12/5/17 as it was reported? Can’t find any info anywhere? Or was it false news? I think it would have been great if you did and wanted to read about it. Thank you for your years of good music.

  5. I am so pleased in your work with charities!!!! Your Soul Kitchen; your work with homeless individuals fascinates me. As the CAO of the largest homeless shelter provided in Northern VA; I really would love to speak with you sometime. No, I’m not a crazy gaga fan of your band. Heck, somehow I didn’t even know you existed until recently. While I am 59; I missed your whole music somehow-I think I went country after being in Cheyenne, Wyoming for my deceased husbands job in the 80’s.
    But now I’m very concerned about the homeless numbers in the biggest County of the US. I would love to understand your model; and what you are doing better. And why Philly? rather than New Jersey? That confuses me. But you are really making a difference in homelessness!!! A huge difference. As I said; I need to know your model. The testimonies I see on line; such as the guy that says he feels like a “man” again with having his own place; a place that you helped happen!!!!!

  6. Sir Jon Bon Jovi,
    The one thing on my bucket list before i leave this world is to meet you, this past 7 months have been the worst ever, i lost my dad in March, my farher in law in April, my sister in October, the holidays are here & I have no desire for them, my 51st bd is 12/22 & all i want is too meet you in person, i am an hour from your restaurant in red bank nj and my husband is taking me there on the 16th for dinner, if you are in the area, please bring my dream to life & make my Holiday cheerful..
    M&M from Levittown Pa.
    Michele Marshall

  7. Jon, you are a very remarkable man and entertainer/musician. Have you considered going into political service? N.J. needs a new, fresh and progressive leader in their governor position. Your caring and charitable ideals are needed all over this country. You would smoke any GOP challenger. After leading your state in the positive direction you know what they say about governors? President Bon Jovi sounds so natural and a real solid inspiration to our country. Please give this thought some real consideration. You are loved all over this country and the world and what a wonderful way to share not only your music but the special human being you truly are. You would have serious world support and have soul kitchens and other generous acts of your kindness and ideas to spread over all parts of this precious planet that you love so much. God bless you, your family and know how much Bon Jovi songs have really helped millions keep our heads above water and have hope when times do get dark are hard on all of us. My name is Don Craven and I was born 3/2/1952 so I’ve got you by 10 years. P.S… my wife and I drove from Oregon to Sacramento to see you on 3/2/ 2010 to celebrate my birthday on your birthday and signed the big BD card. Saw you on 2/28/2017 in Sacramento this year as well. Jon, you have a world army of love and support out there and I believe your precious music is a bridge for a higher calling….Leader of the free world for two terms. You and your family have a very Merry Christmas….btw…Your Dad’s pasta sauce is world class.

  8. I want to be involved in the next Q&A. When will it be ?? I have been with you from the beginning and would really like to befriend you. I watch one of your concerts everyday. I would love to see you in person. I live in Naples,FL,but was born in Ossining, NY When I was born, I weighed 1lb 10oz. Nobody thought I would make it. Here I sit at my IPad writing to you 56 years later. Hope to hear from you. One of the things on my bucket list is to hang out with you.

  9. Hi Jon Bon Jovi, I Jaki Brown sent you a letter on October 21, 2017 and a $200 dollar donation for your JBJ Soul Foundation i really hope you received the donation and the nice letter I wrote. Congratulations to you and your band Bon Jovi the best band in the entire world, and you are the best singer in the entire world, once again I knew this was going to happen, no worries and it did, please let your fans know of upcoming tours, and you are so blessed to have a wonderful, beautiful, and caring wife, thanks for caring about people and hunger, and homelessness in the world.

  10. Olá Bon Jovi!
    Não sei se vai ser você mesmo a ler essa mensagem! Falo do Brasil, conheço uma fã incondicional sua e gostaria muito em fazer uma surpresa para ela! Gostaria de receber um video seu desejando parabéns pelo aniversário dela!
    Você pode Fazer?
    Meu e-mail é

    Sua fã que te acompanha desce os 11 anos, no dia 08 de Janeiro de 2018 estará fazendo 33 anos!!! Chama-se Katherine Gatos

    Muito Obrigado!!

    Clayton Chagas

  11. Thank you Jon Bon Jovi for singing “No Bodys Hero” and An Army of One” I am a Gold Star wife, my husband was killed in Vietnam and these songs brings back memories of him that I will never forget because he was truly a brave soldier, please continue to always make beautiful music for everyone to listen to.

  12. To Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse …

    Congratulations on the launch of your Rose Wine …

    I was reading the article in The Los Angeles Times and also The Drinks Business website which
    explained how You and your Son named your wine Diving Into Hampton Water which i thought
    sounded more like an advertisement for a bottle of mineral or spring water …

    So as i read through both articles a thought came to me that you could call your Rose Wine
    Bon Rosie or Bon Rose ( with the accent over the E ) which i thought sounded like Bon Jovi and
    this also keeps the French theme of where the wine originates from and a way of saying it is a bottle
    of Bon or a Good Rose …

    And then another thought came to me which was slightly longer though and that was
    Jon’s Bon Rose from The Languedoc-Roussillion Region of France which sounded like
    Jon Bon Jovi, but then on second thoughts it also sounded like a label for a Cookin Sauce
    which is Bon Appetit if you are Paul Newman, George Foreman or Loyd Grossmann …

    So the third idea was you could have a label with your Pink Juice idea and your Son’s love
    of your home in East Hampton which reflects like this :

    Jon Bon Jovi and Gerard Bertrand present Bon Rose
    A juicy idea that fermented in Hampton and has now become a pink wine bottled in The Languedoc-Roussillion Region of France

    And if you do use this idea then in time your original label Diving Into Hampton Water would become a
    collectors item which will be something else to auction in the years to come amongst the huge collection
    of Bon Jovi memorabilia …

    Anyway the above is just a thought so Bon Appetit and Have A Nice Day as Bon Jovi once said …

    Love Paris and Xenia xx

  13. Jon bon jovi will you be coming back to north little rock Arkansas for another concert or maybe come see us disabled people to wish us good luck cause i think you are a awesome guy and singer love your music

  14. Hi jon im a big fan even if i have a disability my name is tasha and i just wanted to say hi and i love your music

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