I’ll Be There For You – Live in Philly!

Watch Bon Jovi perform “I’ll Be There For You” live from Philadelphia, PA at the Wells Fargo Center on May 3, 2018. 

23 thoughts on “I’ll Be There For You – Live in Philly!

  1. Horrid.
    This song, done properly, defines the chemistry of Jon and Richie. The harmonies. The bluesy guitar. The passion behind it. Just a perfect song…when done right

    The best versions of I’ll Be There For live?

    Santiago Chille 1990 (Show #1)
    Milton Keyes 1993
    Yokohama 1995
    Richie Sambora lead vocals 2008 – 2012
    Richie Sambora SOLO tour 1991

    Chille, Yolkohama and Milton Keyes have nice extensions at the end where the band really lets loose and are on fire. If you go by the clip presented here, well… there is no letting loose, the band is not on fire and seems like a cover band trying to be Bon Jovi.

    For new fans, seek out these classic performances. That is why they are legends – and not this nonsense.

  2. One of my top 5 songs ever of yours Jon! Thank you for 35+ yrs of music! I do have one question that I’d hope can get answered. I wanted to know why you don’t do the “yell” anymore during “I’ll Be There for You” (of course, you know the one I’m talking about), right after the lyrics, “wish I seen you blow those candles out”? I’m hoping you can enlighten me on this… I’ve been wondering about this for 15 years! The passion from the way you yelled it, is one of my favorite things about the song. Last time I’ve heard it performed with the yell, was during the Crush album, tour. Thanks and keep rockin’ on!

  3. I love Bon Jovi, and this songs has a special meaning for me and my younger cousin. We grew up listening to it, and now I moved out of our country. It’s hard for us to be apart. She came to visit this year and we made a matching tattoo saying “ I’ll be there for you”, inspired in on our good childhood moments including Bon Jovi while we used to hang out.

  4. GOD Bless you all..
    Still the greatest.
    You guys have the greatest love songs of all time…missing my old days..
    Cheers to Bonjovi

  5. Bon Jovi is love!!
    Still expected a fiery emotional solo somewhere by Phil X just like Richie used to take off..that felt missing.. ❤️

  6. Absolutely agree & SO HAPPY you ended my last show for this tour with this included in encore! Only “Make A Memory” could have been topped it in my book! Although memories were made in many other ways that show at B-stage! Thank you Jon, entire band & road crew! FANtastic tour – attended 4 shows in 2018!! God bless!

  7. Wow still going strong. I saw you for the first time at TD Garden in Boston. I waited over 20 years to see you. It was the best concert I have ever been too. Thank you for years of memorable music I still Love today.

  8. Manny Pagan, because he can’t sing at that octave anymore. Loved this band since 84 but without Richie I am sorry but they are a shell of themselves. Yes they still sell out arenas and thank GOD they still can. For me I will never go see.them again without Richie.

  9. Bon Jovi – you´re great and you´ve been one of my favourite bands for 25 years. But do the people still enjoy the old songs like this one? Well, they probably do. I´d personally much more appreciate to see you develop somehow – doing an album of Leonard Cohen cover songs for example or whatever. I mean not necoming “dinosaurs” playing mostly their old stuff. I have one question for you guys: Is it more important for you to produce music that the most people will buy or music that you feel you´d most like to do? If your answer is the second option and you do it, then I don´t understand it but I´m happy with you:)
    Greetings from Czechia

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