Episodes 5 – North American Tour Wrap Up

The band and crew discuss the 2018 North American tour and beyond in our last episode of the #THINFSTour Recap Series.

22 thoughts on “Episodes 5 – North American Tour Wrap Up

  1. Can’t wait for the next chapter! Just never stop writing. I was so blessed to see you in Atlanta. Bon Jovi…you are loved!

  2. Quisiera saber si tienen fechas para Latinoamérica o en Estados Unidos q fechas están programadas?

  3. Love so many of the old songs and the new album is awesome!! Please come to Vancouer, BC, Canada. I have seen you guys in concert! Or if you come to Seattle, Washington- that works too as its only a few hours from Vancouver.

  4. I am not a lucky fan ,I grew up and I lived my teenager time in Romania,an ex-comunist country.By that time I was happy when it was possible to listen to your songs at radio… Times changed,and years went fast,as our lives,we don t realise very well when is gone ! Rule of the nature,wherever we are or whatever we are.I lost my chance when you was in a great concert at Bucharest and all what i have is watching your videos from that time ,how lucky I am cause Youtube exists!!!.Mr.Jon Bon Jovi,I don t even hope to have even a chance in a million that you ll read my message,lost through another million of messages of your fans from all over the world,cause it s true,people loves you for what you have been giving to them during all your career:love by music.I watched your clips from long time ago or our days.And it s amazing the unique way you can connect with people .You love to see them happy and probably that s the key of your success ! I will be lucky to see you coming again in Bucharest?Or somewhere closer ? I will be luckier than many yrs ago ,when i could only hear your songs on the radio?…

  5. If you come back to Germany, it would be a pleasure for me and my wife if you want to take a break from the road life. You are more than welcome here. My 10th anniversary is coming up and I think it would be a great surprise for my wife if you were here. I have lived in Germany since 2001 and I really cant say that I haven’t had music touch me as your music has. I’ve been in the Air force for 16.5 years and I worked for the U.S. Army for 14 years. I would be a great honor for you and your family to come and visit my family. Hope you like German food and beer – lol

  6. That was a great show when they came to Milwaukee wi .Can’t wait till you come to Wisconsin again .Best band ever.D

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