Bon Jovi finds hope in new song for veterans -CBS NEWS

Bon Jovi is honoring our veterans and their service with his new song, “Unbroken.” For the next 12 months, all proceeds from the song will go to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation. Bon Jovi wrote the anthem for the new documentary, “To Be of Service,” about veterans who live with PTSD and the service animals who help them heal. Bon Jovi joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the musical project.
Download “Unbroken” here: 

12 thoughts on “Bon Jovi finds hope in new song for veterans -CBS NEWS

  1. Thank you for everything that you do.
    You and your family are Angels in the earth that care about the most basic people needs.
    Your gratitude on giving back has been reaching out so many. I pray everyday for people like yourselves, to continue to be strong on these topics. You don’t do charity work to show off. You truly appreciate people from your heart and that speaks volume. In you busy schedule, you always take the time to show that Love one another is not a difficult task.

    As Mother Teresa once said ”
    We ourselves feel that what we are doing, is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”.

    God bless you ALL, ALWAYS.

  2. I wrote a song called “Have Youb Ever Held a Hurricane ” I suffer from PTSD. I found comfort with my dog Sweet Pea and of course through Music. Music is truly my salvation. Your songs git me through some of the darkest abyss called My Life. I found true redemption by writing songs and people who communicate with me clairvoyantly speaking. I’m working so hard in my non profit using myself as the first and only recipient for the time being. If I successfully complete and accomplish my goals, then I will give back 10 fold. I hope and pray to make it to where I’m going by learning from where I’ve been and never forgetting who I am and what I stood for in the first place. Thank you for your service to people like me:) I do hope you have an awesome night and a safe tour. 🙂

  3. Hi my name is Not as important as John’s but I have loved this band and supported them with my whole heart since I was 15 now 50! I admire John so much for his charity work and he and Dorothea are Selfless and work tirelessly for Children to get into College, homelessness, hungry and they do it asking nothing in return because he is Thankful for what he has been blessed with so he and Dorothea are precious to me! I make sure everyone knows I get on people’s nerves Family, Friends and strangers in the line at the grocery store I admire them unconditionally! So it’s hard to say that I have an Autoimmune Disease that after 23 years has made me to have to come to terms with the fact that I am going Deaf, This is heartbreaking for me because when I am in pain I have always listened to My Bon Jovi music to help me cope “Superman Tonight” “I’ll be there for you” are the top 2! But knowing I will possibly wake up one morning and as I do like I have for many years listen to my JBJ and not be able to here his voice breaks my heart! My hearing aids help but I can tell I’m starting to lose a little more ability everyday! My sweet Paramedic Husband worked a miracle last September and got me to Vegas and I was in so much pain but when my JBJ started singing my heart and brain forgot it and focused on every word so I could try to remember it I got my picture with him of but you don’t have time to talk to him! I would give anything to be able to tell him how much he means to me and why! My husband understood that and I can not thank him enough because I’m on Disability and he had to work overtime and a second job to get there! Please if you could tell him Paula from SC appreciates him and what he has done for me without knowing it! I was born Bon Jovi and I will Die Bon Jovi from my heart I thank you for taking the time to read this long letter but I want him to know Thank you so very much!

  4. I think it is great that he donated for homeless veterans. However, is he aware that many veterans are homeless because our VA system is so backlogged with veterans claims. Not only that, veterans appeals sit for many, many years before addressed by a judge who then denies their claims. So, they have no money to actually live on, hoping their claim gets approved. When it is denied again, they literally give up waiting or die waiting. This is unacceptable!! It’s going to take more than money to get our vets off the streets.

  5. I am so proud to know of what Jon Bon Jovi is doing. He is a Man of Love, understanding & True Faith. GOD bless Jon Always”..

  6. Hello, I work with a NPO in Canada. we take rescue dogs and turn them into service animals for first responders and veterans. We rely on donations to be able to provide our dogs at no cost and on behalf of my organization, we would love to send you a package with some more information about ourselves. Hoping for the possible opportunity to be considered should you decide to donate towards helping first responders and veterans with getting service dogs again. Sincerely, Erin.

  7. I’m Jerry Gartzke.
    I’m overwhelmed with your endeavor to feed the hungry. You & your wife are absolutely wonderful. You do the things that Christ did when he was here on
    earth. He too fed the hungry.
    I am a member of the Knights of
    Columbus, We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of all children.
    I’m also on the board of directors of Helping Hands Food Pantry in Howard City, Michigan.
    Would it be feasible to have one of your restaurants in the Grand Rapids,Michigan Area?
    I would be honored to join your program.
    Jerry Gartzke

  8. I’m interested in joining you to feed the hungry. Your ideas are original and have merit of recognition.
    Jerry Gartzke

  9. Jon um grande artista e acima de tudo um grande ser humano, que sabe ser grato pela benção que recebeu de Deus que é cantar. Eu me descubro a cada dia que passa mais fã desse cara, admiro e agradeço pela sua músicas que adoro ouvir.

  10. When is the tour for 2020 starting? And I hope you come home to New Jersey. By that I mean Met Life. To me that is home for you. It’s been a while. Hope to see you this tour. Looking forward to Christmas tree lighting tonight.

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