Bon Jovi Debuts “When We Were US” Live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Watch the live debut of Bon Jovi’s brand new single, “When We Were US”, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

11 thoughts on “Bon Jovi Debuts “When We Were US” Live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

  1. Good afternoon, take advantage of this space to make my personal birthday wishes to JBJ. I love everything about him, the smile that conveys the desire to live even when there is not, his deep blue eyes and the great charm that emanates. I got to listen to You Tube your last two songs are beautiful especially “WALLS”. I know that this year you will not come to Italy, I regret not being able to realize my dream I will make a reason for it. A greeting and a hug to the whole band, good tour. Ornella from Milan – Italy.
    P.S .: forgive my not perfect English

  2. Haven‘t listen to Jon Bon Jovi for some time but still love it ,,,,, Are you coming to europe soon? Greetings from Spielberg, Eva

  3. I am pretty disappointed that “NO EUROPEAN DATES” have been added.
    Everytime you tour i’d be there, Cardiff(*2), Wembley(*2), Donington, Milton Keynes(*3), Dublin(*6) and Slane Castle. Traveled some mileage to be at your concerts, the album #THINFS has been out a while and just re-released, but please can you just let your fans in Europe know are you touring this Summer 2018 ??????

  4. Please please let us UK fan know if you will be touring here this year ? I check everyday on here with my fingers crossed that you’ve announced your UK 2018 tour! Please please let us know !! It would be absolutely amazing to see you guys again!

    I’d just like to add to all you other fans that I’ve been following a bonjovi tribute band (I know it’s not the same) around the uk and that are AMAZING!! Bonjovi experience! Check them
    Out! They are as good as it gets until bonjovi come to the U.K.!

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