Blood on Blood – Live from Wembley

Bon Jovi performs “Blood on Blood” in London at Wembley Stadium on June 21, 2019. Check back every week for more live videos from the 2019 This House Is Not For Sale Tour through Europe!

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11 thoughts on “Blood on Blood – Live from Wembley

  1. A really wonderful video and tour. I saw the shows in Düsseldorf and Munich – both were great.
    See you next week in Vienna. I’m a fan since 1991. You are my heroes

  2. I like all the music of bon jovi … he is like a modern shakespeare for me … his lyrics do not have sexual content like now … if they are not songs to love … and they also make me remember words of the bible … has been an aid to try to promote faith in god through rock … he is also handsome and tender … that can not be denied … it is a pride of being human
    from Chile with love and faith.

    Wonderful Concert!
    Bon Jovi has lots of energy. And in the end he surprised us by singing the song ‘Always which was not in the setlist.
    Unforgettable night!
    I really hope he comes back to London next year! Lots of love, Alessia and daughter Alexia.

  4. Absolutely love this “Long-haired, rock’n’roll band”!! This took me straight back to Melbourne, December 2018! Love it!!

  5. My whole life changed when this day came for me. It was something I was glad to experience and never forget thank you all for influencing me in the way you have thank you x

  6. I was there at Wembley was a great concert my 5th time seeing bon jovi and still know how to rock and get the crowd going I did not want the night to end I hope they return to uk soon and I would love to meet them

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