31 Year Anniversary of ‘Slippery When Wet’

Today marks the 31-year anniversary of the album, Slippery When Wet, which was released August 18, 1986. 

Track Listing
1 – Let It Rock
2 – You Give Love A Bad Name
3 – Livin’ On A Prayer
4 – Social Disease
5 – Wanted Dead or Alive
6 – Raise Your Hands
7 – Without Love
8 – I’d Die For You
9 – Never Say Goodbye
10 – Wild In The Streets









8 thoughts on “31 Year Anniversary of ‘Slippery When Wet’

  1. 31 years bloody hell I remember buying the album on the day it came out couldn’t wait to play it and wow it was amazing it hooked me in and now after all these years there music hits you in places others cannot reach every time you need picking up these guys are there thanks for the memory’s you ll always be in these arms amen

  2. São Paulo/Brazil, 20/07/2017

    Hello Jon,
    How are you?
    My name is Carol, I am a Brazilian fan and this isn’t the first time that I write for you. The first letter that I sent to Backstage Bon Jovi was there are almost 20 years ago…much time no? Definitely, my letter was one of million letters received by Bon Jovi.
    I’ve watched o Bon Jovi social feed, Facebook and Instagram, as Bon Jovi band and you have done a good job in the USA, not only as a rock in roll band, but showing for world important actions with social programme. Congratulations for the job in JBJ Foundation. It’s really a nice and great initiative! A great class about being human currently!
    I’m not more a teenager, so I will not behave as such as 20 years ago and believe I will not go to any concert here in Brazil, unfortunately, I need to save money. But happier that go to Bon Jovi concert will be at any moment in the future to do an interchange in the USA to improve my poor English and work in your foundation. It will be a pleasure to me!
    So, you continue making a fantastic job, good music, give support to new artists and help the needy people.
    The Bon Jovi it’s really a family band and I always love all the members. Congratulations to Richie Sambora, yesterday was your birthday!
    You have a nice and beautiful family! It’s nice, very nice!
    Thank you very much for reading my letter. Until September many things can happen, inclusive watching Bon Jovi concert! 🙂
    PS1.: My house and my family are opening to receive your kids to do an interchange in Brazil.
    PS2.: Give me the opportunite to go to the concert in São Paulo. Only 1 ticket on the Premium zone is enough. My year didn’t have any enjoyment. Please.

    A strong hug and a big kiss!

    Carol Sousa

  3. I was suppose to see you here in Texas. My last two years have been really hard and grieving the lost of my husband, soul mate and best friend that I was lucky to share 23 years with him. He promised to take me. We would go somewhere camping and play your CD. We would dance with your songs playing and peoples would watch us. He never be able to see you and now maybe even me. I be turning 62 this year. Maybe I can see you back here in Houston. You were one of things in my bucket list I wanted to see. I’ve learned that peoples take advantage of someone when they are alone and week. I love to see you in concert. Please let me know when you will be back on Texas.

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