2nd Montreal Date Added To Tour

Due to popular demand and a sold out first show at the Bell Centre on April 4, a second Montreal date on April 5 at the Bell Centre has been added to the 2018 This House Is Not For Sale Tour! 

Pre-sales will begin Tuesday, January 23 at 10am ET, and the public onsale will begin Friday, January 26 at 10am ET. Visit Bonjovi.com/tour for ticketing links. 

30 thoughts on “2nd Montreal Date Added To Tour

  1. Do you ever reply to you fans on here just wanting to know if ur comming to the uk this year as uv only played one gig here in nearly 5 years which cost most fans £1200 per ticket us older fans with family’s couldn’t justify paying that kinda money for one show always thought you were a band that looked after ur fans

  2. Good morning,

    I have a question. We want to buy 4 tickets in VIP (Bronze) for the show on April 5th in Montreal. Usually, we bought it with Evenko, but this time, it’s with Onelivemedia.com. We don’t know them and how we can be sure that my tickets are gonna be at the door on the night of the event, and how I get everythings come with the package?

    Thank you and have a nice day!

    1. Hi Sylvie! OneLive is our official VIP partner for the entire tour. We confirmed with them that your merchandise will be sent to your shipping address. If you have any questions, you can reach them at VIP@onelivemedia.com. We’ll see you in Montreal!

  3. I’m so happy for friend/fans of Montreal…….and in Europe?? Can we still hope that dates will be added to Europe?……….PLEASE::::::::::::::::::::::

  4. You need to come back to western Canada! It’s been several years. Add another show to the tour please. Hopefully Edmonton!

  5. I purchased what I thought was 4th Row tickets for the Ottawa Show May 7th. We paid ALOT of money for these tickets. Since then, There has now been a new section in front of us that was NOT there previously. This new section on the floor, in front of us says “Continental”. Any idea what that is? Does this mean now we are going to have people in front of us? Previously, they had “in the circle” Seats, but those were advertised right at the beginning so you had the option to buy them. has something changed?? I am not happy that I have spent all this money and perhaps will now have people in front of me!!! CAN someoneE please explain. We tried to ask ticketmaster but they had no answers.

  6. Hey why only 1 place in Canada for your concert? Vancouver has the best fans over all the years that have supported you from the beginning, how could you not perform here, Canada is a big place, Quebec is across the country and just the airfare is over the top for a lot of your longtime fans. Come on Jon remember Mushroom Records and Orange No. 5. We miss you!!!!

  7. Maybe you’ll not come in Italy this time…….i hope for it until the end……..at least one or two dates in Europe……..please think again…..in any case i’ll follow you via Youtube………..I hope to hear “No apologies”……….Phil X will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You guys would sell out if you did event at Syracuse by lake view amphitheater or another upstate New York location. Watertown disable person organization is looking for big name acts to have showsin Watertown ny to help their organization. You should check it out. .
    We have had bigger names come to Watertown ny .

  9. I know I’ve said this already but really really wish Bon Jovi would do a second concert when he is here in may I really would love to see them again when they come to Toronto

  10. Hey!!! I have a quick question. Will there be anyone opening for you guys throughout the tour? Not that you need anyone to open for you! You guys are still Amazing.. I was just curious.

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